Apollo Pre-Launch Testing Invitation

Now that the Apollo Pioneer Program is well underway, we’ll be looking to increase the number of companies that can begin to review and test Apollo. This unique opportunity helps us work closely with users to refine new tools and features, while providing first access to the latest game-changing software solutions.


What are we looking to learn before we launch?

    There is plenty of software to choose from in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction space, and early on Katerra realized that to successfully add another solution to the market, we’d have to step back, work at a business level with organizations and make sure the technologies we introduce can be easily implemented and easily afforded. So we’d like your help getting this right by signing up to test not only our software, but the whole commercial experience of using Apollo. There are four key areas we’d need you to sign up for:

  • Can you deploy Apollo Construct in a live/test environment during the first three months after initial training?
  • Are you able to have Apollo business and technical specialists work shoulder to shoulder with you to better understand requirements?
  • Can you respond regularly to short surveys on specific areas of customer experience and join focused group meetings when your insights are required?
  • Can you help us develop the best pricing model that respects what it takes us to deliver excellent software at cost that demonstrably proves valuable to you?

What benefits can you expect in return?

What will our pre-launch companies get out of this in the long run?

Of course, you can expect favorable long term pricing once our products are commercially available, but even more importantly, we can work together toward outcomes that respect your time investment, ensuring you gain significant, visible competitive advantages in driving productivity across your organizations.

Apollo Pre-Launch Invitation

Earlier this year, we launched our Apollo Pioneer Program, and now an energetic group of building professionals are working with us to ensure our first public release of Apollo will be ready for prime time. Very soon, we’ll be ready to expand the opportunity of testing Apollo to even more companies. Register here to join the short list.

Area of Interest
Commercial Real Estate and Developer Solutions
Feasibility and Sketch Design Solutions
Design Content management and materials selection
3D/2D Design Coordination solutions
Estimation, procurement and cost analysis
Scheduling and program management
Workforce Management
Construction Management Solutions
Operational Facilities Management