The Apollo Platform

Apollo is an operating platform designed to provide teams with persistent, trusted data and support, for better, faster, and more coordinated execution of building projects.

First wave Apollo applications are focused on strengthening site selection and analysis, streamlined material selection, and end-to-end construction management. With an underlying architecture built on data that spans the full building life cycle, the Apollo suite of tools will continue to expand further.

Learn more below about how we believe AEC firms can benefit from the Apollo platform, and the first three applications, Insight, Connect, and Construct.

Apollo Platform Architecture and Phase One Applications

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Why We Need Apollo

At Katerra, we believe that the AEC industry is overdue for technological transformation.

Today’s leading AEC software tools only work to reinforce the status quo by shaping themselves around the way people are working today -- and have been working for decades, or even a century.

Projects still rely on multiple individual productivity tools strung together with poor integration and virtually no trusted, shared data between stakeholders. This pervasive lack of interoperability between tools creates difficulties for collaboration and visibility, and makes having the latest, accurate information across all parties nearly impossible.

As automation increasingly replaces manual tasks, technology and teams will build this future together. Supporting this transformation will require a source of persistent data with zero loss from program inception, across design, construction, and the duration of the building’s life.

An operating platform with applications delivering persistent, actionable data so technology-enabled teams can better execute timely decisions as well as increasingly automate tasks.

This is our software vision at Katerra. This is Katerra Apollo.

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The Data Handoff Challenge

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During each stage of the building lifecycle, hand offs between teams and software tools invite crucial losses of data and productivity. Stakeholders need to rebuild their own version of the data at nearly every handover.

The Katerra Apollo continuous data platform and application modules preserves data at handoff points, ensuring the information chain remains seamless and intact.


There is a $1.6 Trillion cost savings opportunity if the construction industry can boost its productivity to levels of other major sectors.

- McKinsey & Company

Capital Planning, Site Viability, and Planning Coordination


Apollo Insight

Apollo Insight provides highly visual 3D design feasibility studies, helping early cost, schedule and even material finish decisions. With only a simple building parcel address inquiry, Apollo Insight can generate optimum site layouts from a variety of building types, with a suggested building program that includes workforce projections. Built on a deep set of aggregated site analysis data, Apollo Insight could enable better developer investment decisions within hours instead of weeks.

Key Features:
  • Dramatically faster and more accurate than manual methods
  • Actionable data to directly inform investment and supply chain needs
  • Significantly more accurate cost forecasts
  • Creates full 3D/2D presentations

Design Coordination and Pre-Construction


Apollo Connect

Apollo Connect helps designers manage and coordinate the material content between your Building Information Modeling software and the budgeting tools in the Apollo platform.

Key Features:
  • Full Content Management solution with Revit and Autocad plugins
  • Components added to designs are fully tracked within Apollo
  • Estimates can be automatically generated from the connected design data, visible to all who need access across the supply chain
  • As well as your own libraries, Katerra Kova libraries are built in

Construction Management and Resourcing


Apollo Construct

Apollo Construct is a comprehensive construction management solution that includes a full estimation, scheduling, and programming functionality, ensuring that all project teams are working from one central data source.

Key Features:
  • Complete construction management tool suite
  • Integrated project budget and schedule controls
  • Directly integrates with ERP, fabrication and supply chain
  • Communicate and collaborate with full project team

Future Apollo Platform Expansion

Our ambition for Apollo is to deliver an operating platform that dramatically increases productivity with easy integration across the entire building life cycle. Apollo will grow into a gateway for applications that deliver continuous, trusted data, so building teams can leverage the best from data and machine automation to enable better, earlier decisions. A new era that moves us beyond “what happened and why” to “here’s what will happen and why we should do it."

Only a continuous, secure and trusted data platform will deliver on this promise. It is our Minimum Viable Product to finally realize the benefits that technology can have in empowering valuable transformations in building methods and processes.